Bathroom Upgrade, Things to Consider

Things to Consider for your Next Bathroom Upgrade

Let’s face it, an outdated bathroom makes an entire house feel old and worn out. It’s time for a bathroom upgrade. Bathroom trends that are dated that is common and dingy can give your bath a case of the blues. Even worse, it can devalue your home if you want to refinance or sell it. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune and redo your entire bathroom to make it feel modern.

A few new fixtures and accessories can go a long way towards bringing your bathroom up to speed. Then the bathroom can be turned it into a charming and welcoming space. In this article, we’re taking a look at small details that you’ll use every day, like towel bars, shelves, and paper roll holders. For your next bathroom upgrade, consider these hand-picked decor items to upgrade your bathroom.

Moen YB5403CH Kingsley Double Robe Hook, Chrome

Moen Kingsley Double Robe Hook - Bathroom Upgrade


It’s often the tiny considerations that add up to a big impact in a room. Your bathroom is no exception to this rule. Since the bathroom is one of the smaller areas of a house, every decor decision becomes vital and important. The Moen Kingsley Double Robe Hook is a small component with a huge effect.

The chrome finish matches the metal fixtures common to most bathrooms. It’s a functional storage hook for small bathrooms or limited space. You can use it for more than just robes, too. Make clothes on the floor a thing of the past. It’s also sturdy and easy to install, which gives it our stamp of approval.

Moen DN8524BN Cabrina Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel, 24-Inch

Moen Cabrina Towel Bar - Bathroom Upgrade

A fun, quirky detail sure to draw the eye is this Moen Cabrina Towel Bar. The ends are shaped like tiny waves, which could fit into a beach themed bath. For those with an artistic aesthetic, this rack is a graceful and creative bathroom upgrade.

It’s thoroughly up-to-date with an elegant but classy brushed nickel finish. The 24 inches of towel real estate space is a comfortable amount for two folded towels. Small upgrades in a bathroom can add up fast. A towel holder like this one helps your bathroom make a statement.

Delta Faucet 77750 Vero toilet paper holder, Polished Chrome

Delta Vero Toilet Paper Holder - Bathroom Upgrade

If you want a modern, Zen look for your bathroom, there’s nothing better than accessories that are sleek and minimalist. Take a look at the Delta Vero Toilet Paper Holder in polished chrome.

Not only is it based on an interesting ribbon design, but it’s easier to replace paper rolls than the old-fashioned spring mechanized holders. The shiny chrome finish is eye-catching and modern, and such attention to an often-overlooked detail catapults you into the next level of bathroom design.

Delta Faucet 45072SN Recessed Paper Holder W Beveled Edges Satin Nickel

For those DIY-ers who are into industrial decor, nothing says sharp and professional more than commercial-looking details. This Delta Faucet Recessed Paper Holder takes a bit of effort to install since it is built into the wall, but it looks just like an element in a modern commercial bathroom.

The satin nickel finish mimics the easy-to-maintain surfaces of public spaces. It’s also a paper roll holder guaranteed not to be found in many other homes, making your original and individualistic design concepts take center stage.

Gatco 1541SN 10-Inch by 20-Inch Towel Rack, Satin Nickel

Gatco Towel Rack - Bathroom Upgrade

For an eye-popping bath centerpiece, the upgraded bathroom needs this Gatco Towel Rack. Reminiscent of high-class hotels with stacks of clean, fluffy white towels, this rack is a gorgeous and clever use of space.

Bring your best linens out of the dark closet, because there’s room to stack clean towels and bars to hang drying ones. Though it will fit into a modernist perspective, it also has a timeless appeal for anyone who likes vintage decor.

Gatco 4246 Latitude II Glass Shelf, Chrome

Gatco Latitude II Glass Shelf - Bathroom Upgrade

Want your guests to swoon over your bathroom decor when they visit? The Gatco 4246 Latitude II Glass Shelf gives your bathroom a futuristic feel while still being functional. The glass is easy to clean from dust and smudges, and is backed up by a lifetime guarantee.

You can keep small items like toothbrush holders and makeup off your limited countertops, or use it to display personal touches like knick-knacks or framed photos. Don’t buy just one, because you’ll want a few of these beauties hanging on your bathroom wall.

Warmrails HW/SW Kensington Wall Mounted Towel Warmer, 39.5-Inch, Nickel Finish

Wall Mounted Towel Warmer - Bathroom Upgrade

The last word in luxury, a towel warmer is a design detail that turns a regular bath into a spa-like experience. This wall-mounted warmer keeps your floor uncluttered and easy to clean, and is low profile so it takes up little extra space. You can wrap yourself in the sumptuousness of a warm, fluffy towel after your shower or bath, even in the coldest days of winter.

If your bathroom is used often and you find the towels don’t dry quickly in moist air, this towel warmer will solve that problem. You can also hang hand washable delicate and bathing suits to dry, lessening the wear-and-tear of a dryer. You’ll never want to go back to cold towels again.

We hope this list of things to consider for your next bathroom upgrade helps you choose decorative accents that turn your bathroom from standard to spectacular. Your bathroom is a busy place, and you deserve to spend time in a room that is more than functional. These modern and high-quality pieces make every inch of a bathroom pop with fun and useful elements. Best of all, these relatively small components are easy to install and cheap, so you don’t have to break the bank or your back!

This article was written by Jon Reyes from Vidalux. He has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

Bathroom Upgrade, Things to Consider
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